Re-imagining the Modern City

For the past two decades, BH Group has been actively involved in numerous significant real estate transactions and developments, leveraging strong connections to unveil exclusive opportunities for investors. Our projects prioritize adding value and encompass a range of structures and collaborative ventures, collectively redefining the real estate market.


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Redefining Luxury Real Estate

Our primary focus centers on luxury residential properties, prime land holdings, office spaces, and mixed-use assets strategically positioned in prime locations. By targeting large-scale, value-adding prospects within specialized markets, we mitigate risk exposure while maximizing returns. BH Group has forged partnerships with leading real estate firms in the United States, resulting in the successful completion of over 1,100 luxury residential units, with an additional 10,000 units in progress, in collaboration with our esteemed partners.


People and Partnerships

Recognizing that a successful project requires a stellar team, BH Group has diligently assembled an outstanding in-house team of professionals. We’ve nurtured enduring relationships with skilled individuals on both a national and international scale, each contributing unique value to our endeavors. These cherished partnerships amplify our capabilities and empower us to deliver exceptional outcomes.

our founders

Liat & Isaac Toledano

Isaac Toledano, aged 49, is a highly accomplished real estate developer and astute businessman, married to his wife and partner, Liat Toledano, serves as the co-founder of their thriving enterprise while raising their beautiful family of 8 children. Together, they form a dynamic duo at the forefront of the real estate industry, bringing their collective expertise and unwavering commitment to every project they undertake.

Isaac’s passion for real estate emerged at a young age, propelling him towards a successful career in the industry. After gaining valuable experience and insights into the property market, he ventured into entrepreneurship and founded their company. Meanwhile, Liat Toledano’s entrepreneurial spirit and shared vision for real estate development led her to co-found the enterprise alongside Isaac, uniting their talents and expertise.

Renowned for their complementary skills, Isaac and Liat breathe vitality and enthusiasm into their business, a characteristic often found in driven entrepreneurs who have navigated challenging business environments abroad. They thrive on the diverse opportunities present in the United States, capitalizing on each venture to deliver exceptional results.

With decades of combined experience, Isaac and Liat have actively participated in the acquisition and development of numerous residential and commercial properties. Through their meticulous approach, they have gained invaluable knowledge in all aspects of property acquisition, development, management, finance, sales, and marketing. Their shared expertise and proficiency enable them to execute projects swiftly and efficiently.

Over the past 20 years, Isaac and Liat have jointly led large-scale real estate transactions and developments, boasting an impressive portfolio of over 1,100 luxury residential units, with an additional 10,000 units in progress. Their strong relationships within the real estate market have paved the way for strategic collaborations and joint ventures, emphasizing their commitment to delivering value-added contributions.

As a power couple in the real estate development arena, Isaac and Liat Toledano exemplify the epitome of success through their shared vision and unwavering dedication. With a combined wealth of experience, expertise, and a steadfast commitment to excellence, they continue to shape the industry landscape, leaving an indelible mark on every project they embark upon.